About us

About us

The humble year of 2012 proved as a base of our foundation, dynamic gates were in making and today we stand as dynamic and flexible providing career guidance to honorary brains that seem to grasp the vision but finding hard to create the empire of success. First the success we believe is a peace of mind in social cluster we must remember to see ourselves as good human being before working on crossword of wonders.

The aim to shape the brain and make it walk towards the road where extension of life grows with time. The success in common terms follows the shadow of those who adapts, improvise and evolves and we firmly believe our unconventional and comprehensive outlook would benefit your thought that leans to strike like star of night.

We aim to reach the heart where passion lies beside that we try to read the minds of common to make them react according to situation.

 In simple words we look to mould an ethics and morals so that we could create a strong society where we don’t have to run for idea. 

The focus is on starting a wave of educational revolution in Darjeeling district which in turn would change the situation around beside that our association with great scholars and affiliation with global ideas help us to counsel students according to their idea of education or rather say passion.

The word excellence has always been an inspiring source of motivation and cultural and historical values on the other hand equals with our pyramids in making. The hungry brain could be very dangerous so to pinch them with real deal of living we facilitate them with wonderful career irrespective of idea they have in their vault of opera.

Our registration & Affiliation

  • Registration under society Act.
  • Affiliated with 200+ colleges and 10+ Top universities of India.

Our Admissions Services

  • Students commitment and time will be heavily invested in the admissions process. Therefore, attention to detail is crucial to ensuring students success.
  • Our comprehensive admissions services leave no stone unturned.
  • Scholarship programs through our scholarship test.
  • Selection of universities, college & schools best suited to student objectives, skills, interest  and strong points.
  • Recommendations on how extracurricular activities can enhance students admissions prospects.
  • Provides admission letters after selection of universities, colleges , school.
  • Deliver students to college, universities with our representative.

Why you need admiversity Free Consultation ?

Since 2012, Admiversity has been seeking the best college admissions experts from top colleges and universities across the country and uniting them under one roof. Over that time, our college consultants have helped thousands of students make sense of the process and achieve admissions success.

What we offer?

Proven Results in College Admissions Rates admiversity has a 100% success rate. Every single one of our students has been accepted to college, and 95% have gotten into one of their top choice schools thanks to the hard work they have put in and the guidance of College Coach college consultants.

Admiversity consulting services can include:

  • High School Planning
  • Creating a College List

We work with students to create a personalized list of colleges — the right fits for individual needs, interests, and qualifications

  • Application Planning, Timeline & Organization
  • College Application Presentation

College Finance Consulting  Our team of college finance experts can offer assistance with understanding your options for paying for college, scholarship search strategies, tactics for managing the financial aid and scholarship application documents, and guidance on how to negotiate and/or appeal financial aid/scholarship awards.